Monday, July 8, 2013

"The" Capieke

I was a bit nervous, this being the first time I'd made a capieke for someone who has never lived at my address. Having made one as requested successfully gave my confidence a boost. Step one, make a peach pie.
I even managed to flute the edges in a somewhat coherent fashion, though since it's going to be encased in a cake, no one will really know. For the cake and icing, I used recipes from the King Arthur Flour website. I must admit that I was tempted more than once to lick my fingers, but there's that nutrition challenge thing I'm doing. Here's the final product, no pie edges visible.
I left the decorating up to the people who requested the capieke. Background: It was her birthday. She likes cake; he prefers pie. Usually, she ends up eating the whole cake. They thought this might give each of them a treat. It also provided treats for their neighbors and a woman in the zumba class as word got around of this strange concoction.

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