Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pie Shield? Pie Shield!

I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond the other day in search of tart pans for a future adventure in pie (putting a small pie inside a larger one). While there I saw something called a pie shield. You put it one overt he crust before you bake the pie and leave it there until the pie exits the oven. Yes, it's somewhat like a big donut. See?

In the past, I've put aluminum foil around a pie, but the directions always say to put it on or take it off in the middle of the baking time, and that's one more think to think about. I am pleased to say that the pie shield worked so well, I asked the husband to pick up a second one since I often bake two pies at once. How well did the pie shield work?

Looks pretty darn good to me!

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