Saturday, July 13, 2013

Probably a One Off

The sons did a GORUCK Challenge last night. I had planned to shadow (follow, with camera) it, but after three straight days of migraines and one 3:00 a.m. walk in a pouring rain because the dog had not been walked before bedtime, I stayed in. I asked younger son if he wanted a post-Challenge pie, and he requested strawberry and apple. Interestingly, I found lots of recipes for said combination, and made one using honey in place of the sugar. Voila!
I'm fairly sure I will never make another of these because, at least to me, it was not all that good. I couldn't really taste apple or strawberry in the filling; it simply tasted bland. Even younger son gave it a somewhat blah reaction. The upside is that my pie crust seems to be flakier with each and every pie. Practice, practice, practice. Will that get one of my pies to Carnegie Hall?

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