Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flower as Decoration Only

Every other day is better than every third day, I guess. I will take victories, even minor ones, where I can get them. I have been thinking rather than writing, thoughts so seemingly profound I am in awe of them. No, not really, though I do seem to be in a reflective mood of late. I really should write something, but I wrestle with the idea that such writing is a purely narcissistic activity since it would have no real purpose other than just doing it. What? Journalling as therapy? Given the convoluted nature of this post, I might need some. As for the photo, it's a wildflower, and I like it. No other reason for using it as opposed to another.


  1. Sounds like as good a reason as I can think of! :)

  2. Sometimes the only purpose of writing is to do it. It is its own reason for being.