Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dear Abby

Yes, I wrote to Abby this week not with a problem but with a solution. A woman wrote to her asking if loving to wrestle with her husband (wrestle as in wrestling not foreplay) was weird for a woman. I offered the suggestion of a martial arts class, judo in particular since it is a grappling art. I noted that I had started kendo at the age of 49 and karate at 53 and now, at 56, considered them to be my principal form of workout. We had two particularly physical karate classes this week, and I have the bruises to prove it. Sore? Yes, particularly the deep bruise on my right knee. Upset about it? Heck, no! Smiling, in fact, and quite energized.


  1. But if she enjoys wrestling, what's wrong with that? Unless, of course, her husband doesn't. :P

  2. Nothing wrong with wrestling, Debi, except that it might be hard to find a way to do it openly. I don't know of any adult wrestling options around here, but I do know of a judo one. It would let her meet other women with a similar interest and reassure her that she's not alone or weird in any way. (Types the woman with enough forearm bruises that she's again reassuring the general public that her husband does not beat her.)